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Party construction work


Party construction work

Introduction to Party Branch

   The company established Party Branch in 1993, and the branch has 42 party members, including 19 listed party members and 23 floating party members. In 2011, the Party Branch was rated as Fuyang Top 10 “Double Brand” Demonstration Enterprises. In recent years, the company has continuously promoted scientific level of party construction in the objective of building “powerful development, powerful party construction” double brand enterprise.

Party Construction Culture

  I. Strengthen the Spiritual and Cultural Construction

Strengthen ideological and political work. Carry out situation task and work orientation education according to production and management situations, unify the ideology to strategic deployment, strengthen the education of science and culture, seek an effective carrier according to requirement of construction of “operation management personnel, professional and technical personnel, highly skilled personnel” teams, do training well hierarchically, improve competencies

  II. Strengthen the Party Member Team Construction


All party members accept the supervision of all staff. In the activity of “Establish Advanced Basic-level Party Organization, Strive to be Excellent Communist”, our party branch secretary Ge Ming put forward open commitment of “advanced team construction, advanced scientific development, advanced energy conservation and consumption reduction, advancement by harmony” and carefully performed duties. Led by Ge Ming, all party members make their promises to all staff based on their post.

  III. Increase the Concern and Care

Carry out open factory affairs, enlarge rights to know and participate, respect the intention of staff representatives, achieve, maintain and develop fundamental interests of staff, concern vital interests of staff, strive to improve civil engineering, and improve technological level, work environment and salary of staff based on technological innovation. Endeavor to solve hotspot and difficult issues of staff, continuously carry out activities of “helping the poor” and “show love”, and do practical and good things for employees. Cover social comprehensive insurance, and clearly put forward 18% of annual salary growth rate during the “12th Five-year Plan”.

Party Construction Data

“I Make A Suggestion” Activity

Develop the Activity of “Good Teachers Lead Good Apprentices”

Party Construction Job Satisfaction Survey and Improvement Procedure

New Three Committees System

Party Member Care and Support System

Main Objective of Party Member Routine Education

Party Member Development Work Flow Diagram

Develop Party Member Bidirectional Publicity System

Enterprise Party Organization Secretary “Dual Statement, Dual Evaluation” System