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Company profile


Company profile

Hangzhou Fusheng Electric Appliance Co., Ltd. was founded in 1988, is a professional engaged in energy-efficient induction motor, intelligent equipment, precision mould, such as research and development and manufacturing of national high and new technology enterprise. Company is equipped with registered capital of 160 million yuan, existing staff 160 million people. After 20 years of rapid development, at present, the company's total assets of 1.9 billion yuan, enterprise credit rating was rated AAA for successive years. In 2015, a total of 20.18 million sets of production of various kinds of motor, realize the gross value of industrial output 2.699 billion yuan, the taxes andprofits 202 million yuan. Company has become the domestic high efficiency and energy saving motor and the global leader in refrigeration compressor motor. At 8th, August, 2015, Fusheng Electric Appliance has become one of the global largest air conditioning compressor manufacturers and a wholly owned subsidiary of State holding listed companies - Shanghai Haili(Group) co.,Ltd.

Fusheng Electric Appliance is one of professional manufacturers, the nation's largest high efficient motor, and is also fractional horsepower motors in China Industry Association Deputy Director Unit, the standing director unit of China Electrical Equipment Industry Association. 2004-2015, For more than ten years, Company has been treated as China's Electronics Industry Enterprises, the provincial enterprise CIMS application in manufacturing informatization, innovative pilot enterprises in Zhejiang province, machine substitution model enterprise in Zhejiang province, Hangzhou big enterprise group competitiveness of large enterprises, hangzhou industry leading backbone enterprises. The company's "FS" trademark was rated as "China well-known trademark", the leading product efficient refrigeration compressor motor is a provincial high-tech products. It adopts IE60034-1 the international advanced standard, and through 3 c certification, SGS certification, UL certification. Company is the important supplier of Samsung, Emerson, Ingersoll rand, Hitachi electric appliance, the world top 500 enterprises and domestic well-known enterprises such as SECOP midea group, Gree electric appliances, Changhong Group, Huayi Group, Qianjiang refrigeration, Sichuan Danpu, Qin’an refrigeration and other customers. For many years, Company’s production volume is ranked first in the domestic refrigeration compressor moto industry.

Founded more than 20 years, company has always uphold the business philosophy of resources limited wisdom is infinite, enterprise established a national post-doctoral research station, institute of key enterprises in Zhejiang province, Zhejiang province engineering research center for micro &special motor energy saving, provincial high-tech enterprise research and development center and Zhejiang provincial enterprise technology center for innovative research and development institutions, such as the carrier. It has formed a mature core technology with independent intellectual property rights.

Company from establish in 28 years, has experienced since the childhood, from weak to strong, the process of customer also from low-end development to be the world's top 500 enterprises supporting camp. From manual workshop to automation, intelligent manufacturing and information management, become the global leader in the field of segmentation, Fusheng people pour into the painstaking effort and sweat , condensing all the Fusheng people to "love, perseverance, innovation, harmony". Under the new normal, Fusheng Electric Appliance will vigorously implement the machine substitution and further improve our management ability and innovation ability, realize enterprise transformation and upgrading, leader of Chinese motor industry and electrical industry's most influential companies around the world.